Burgandi Trejo Phoenix - SAG-Aftra actor, dancer, voice-over artist singer, and writer

Los Angeles, 90210 California
Detailed Information

Los Angeles-based actor, dancer, voice-over artist, singer, and writer Burgandi Trejo Phoenix stars in the new Netflix series, ‘Spirit Rangers’. The animated series is created, written, and performed by an almost entirely Native/Indigenous team. Burgandi, who has Native/Indigenous (Yaqui), Mexican and Spanish roots, uses her voice in the industry to campaign for the accurate representation of Mexican-American women on and off-screen. She’s appeared in Snapchat’s ‘Relationship Goals’, YouTube’s ‘Labeled’ (Atlantic Records), and ‘Love in the time of Corona’. An accomplished voice artist, Burgandi has brought numerous characters to life on Nickelodeon and Disney+. She’s the brand ambassador for Talentboom, founder of The Actor Toolkit on Clubhouse, and owner of the blog ‘My Feisty Life’.

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