Native Pride Dancers

Native Pride Productions, Inc. PO Box 131642 St. Paul, MN, 55113 Minnesota
Native Pride Dancers
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Bring Native Pride Dancers to your community, school, university, festival, conference or corporate event.

We are an internationally recognized,  high-energy show featuring an innovative blend of modern and traditional Native American dance styles. Our performers’ regalia are adorned with vivid assortments of brightly-colored ribbons, feathers, beads, and furs which honor our nation’s elders and the legacy of our traditional arts. Our dance is contemporary, yet primal, as we use every muscle and breath to express our rich, cultural heritage.

We offer a variety of dance types from solo to large ensemble productions designed for classrooms as well as theaters. Our programs are customized to support and enhance curriculum standards for History, Social Studies, Performing Arts, Physical Education, and Social Behaviors. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, the Native Pride Dancers represent a proud and vibrant tradition for local, national, and international audiences. We also create elaborate productions for corporate events, opening ceremonies, cultural celebrations, show productions, conferences, sporting events, and more.

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