Nino Reyes

Northeastern Utah, Utah
Detailed Information

Nino Reyes and his Native American performers provide authentic cultural entertainment while their music and dance preserves our precious American heritage. These artists are available for many types of events, and often perform at public and private schools, performing arts centers, theaters, multi-cultural and folk festivals, fairs, museums, corporate events, weddings, and parks.

Their show is appropriate for indoor or outdoor presentations and the length can be adapted to fit the needs of the client and venue.

Presentations are done with full regalia and include:

  • Traditional dance
  • Fancy dance
  • Grass dance
  • Hoop dance (featuring international award-winning hoop dancers)
  • Navajo bow and arrow and basket dance
  • Authentic drums, singers, and drum music
  • Award-winning Native American flute music

Nino Reyes performed with Felipe Rose (of the Village People) in the award-winning Trail of Tears program in 2002. He is a Northern Traditional Dancer, carrying on the Tradition of the warrior, wearing the eagle bustles of past days.

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